Corning High School Photos

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2012 Reunion
Seated left to right: Betty (Kinne) Bates, Sherry (Updike) Rowbotham, Joleen (Rubin) Nelson, Sandra (Stueckradt) Thomas, Sharon (Amdor) Russell, Evelyn (Rex) Espinoza
Standing left to right: Evelyn (Lawrence) Carothers, Carol (Odell) Thomas, Bud Thomas, Jean (Talty) Williams, Janice (Hadley) Stamp, Lois (Yearington) Van Ness, Marjorie (Duncan) Schlange, Ralph Dillinger, Delores (Holker) Hill, Myrna (Calkins) Mains, Sally (Carmichael) Hosfelt, Kathy (Campbell) Schafer

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