1914 Ford Depot Hack

This 1914 Ford Depot Hack was built from three photographs I took on the 1991 MTFCA National Tour in Great Bend Kansas (plus one given to me from Bob Shaw, Omaha). It was first built in plywood for patterns. Those patterns were used to make the oak body. It has over 13 thousand miles on it as of 2015.

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Here are the latest pictures. Hovering over the picture gives the details. This first section has pictures from 1999 thru 2014 (15 years, if you are from East of Ohio).

Here are the 4 photos I used to build the Depot Hack. Everything was scaled from them because Mr. Kolunko from Victoria Texas, who built the original car didn't have any plans for it.

These construction photos were taken in Omaha in 2 car garage which was my shop. James is in High School at the time.