Model F Ford Restoration

The Spark Coils

Engine Number F2978 - Sold New June 23, 1905 in Model F

July 27,2009
Coil box stained and varnished by Lowell.

January 23,2009 (20 pictures)
Coils were rebuilt and returned by RV Anderson. The coil box was returned without being rebuilt (at my request) because RV's brother, who does the wood work has had not been able to keep the schedule we agreed on.

Lowell has built "spare" coil boxes. I was planning to use a new coil box with Model T coils in it to backup the primary box. The plan now is to have two spare boxes and sell the original one with rebuilt coils.

First looks at the new coil boxes.

The coils and box are being shipped to R. V. Anderson for evaluation and rebuild.
Coils and box

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