The Big Race

The First Transcontinental Race
New York to Seattle 1909

In 1909, M. Robert Guggenheim, a 24 year-old decendent of the wealthy mining family, sponsored a race from New York City to Seattle. The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition was being held in Seattle. Guggenheim donated a $5,350 cash prise plus a 4 foot tall silver & gold trophy to promote the Good Roads Movement that startted in 1880.
Henry Ford built two Model T Race Cars to run in the 1909 New York to Seattle Race. This picture was taken at the start of the race in New York City.
Jack B Scott, son of the driver of Ford Racecar #2, wrote a book with stories about the race. Since the book is now out of print you may click on the picture to the right to read it.

Bill Barth's Race Pictures Sept 25, 2021 (19 pictures)

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