1959 Ford Skyliner

The Mission

This project started in Chickasha, Oklahoma in March this year when I saw a Skyliner on a trailer in a Walmart parking lot. Since then, I have seen tens of Skyliners For Sale. The car I purchased is a good place to start.

I understand the top system is a nighmare to make work, but I really don't believe that. I'm in the middle of a 1915 Model T Touring restoration, so it will be a while before I can really work on this project. I don't know anything about modern Fords, or Skyliners, so I'll have to study what others have done. In the meantine, it runs.

This is what I'd like my car to look like. When you have a project, you must have GOALS. This is my goal to do without taking a second mortgage on the farm.
Here is a "selfie" of when I drove it into the shop Wednesday, July 20, 2016.

It is a very complete project car.

I took Bev for a ride the next day. She was impressed and will like it more when we get some door handles on it.

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