1971 Honda Z600 Coupe Pictures

Working on and Driving

February 7,2024
Time for an overdue update.
We got the wiring mess cleaned up and all keyswitch functions as they should.
The heater puts out warm air.
Haven't been able to take it out of the drive because of wet gravel.
William got the new radio wired, installed in the dashand setup.
All this was very time consuming because we were learning how.
I'll get the videos updated when we get to drive on the open road.

December 30, 2023
After getting clutch and adjusted, ready to put front grill back in.
We discussed taking it apart and put new oil seal in. We took clutch assembly off.
Found a seal was in but didn't look new so we put in new seal.
Clutch disk didn't have oil on it and wasn't burned.
But it only had made contact in less than 50% of the surface.
Broke one bolt when removing the bolts which had lock tight on them.
Made new bolt.
Another mistake, didn't measure distance of adjusting bolt to use when reinstalling it.
William thinks he has it installed about where it was. It was off only 1/2 turn.
Noticed, new gaskets were leaking. Steve recommended Ultra Copper gasket maker.
Got some and used it. Reassembled heat exchanger to exhaust pipes.
Reinstalled speedo and drove to test after running on hoist to veify no clutch slippage.
Speedo works great and only a couple of miles off at 60mph.
Drove up to Brians - 10 miles tround trip. COULD NOT GET WARM AIR !
Made a video checking out the speedometer - see videos page

December 26, 2023 (57 pictures)

December 18, 2023 (52 pictures)

December 16, 2023 (51 pictures)

December 13, 2023 (40 pictures)

December 08, 2023 (39 pictures)

Lots of stuff to post. Will highlight major items.
Needed new front brake disks. Ordered and USPS "misplaced" them.
Received second order and installed. First order was then received and returned.
Bled brakes - fluid was clear after first bunch of black stuff in left front.
Next fix clutch. Tough part was removing exhaust from engine thru first pipe.
Got new gaskets from Mike O'Conner.
Several broken bolts. Had to repair heat exchanger where one nut was very bad.
Found maybe suitable cylinder to exhaust pipe crushable gaskets.
Removed clutch found bad fingers and throwout bearing.
Beautiful new clutch disk and resurfaced parts from Mike O.
Drivers door window bad sliding track part. Made new part & cleaned it up track.
Found window channels had slipped down and were in pieces. Put them in place and used weatherstrip adheasive to keep in place. Rolled up hard. William recommended lubricating crank mechanism - works great now.
October 28, 2023 (36 pictures)

October 4, 2023
Tightened right front wheel hub second time.
Mike told me to use air hammer on it.
Looks like that fixed crunching noise.
Wheels roll nice and smooth so I do not suspect CV joint bearings now.
Received front disk pads, carb accelerator pump diaphram and steering column bushings from Mike O'Conner.
Received steering rack rebuild from California.
Received clutch rebuild parts from Mike O'Conner, North Carolina.
Received 4 tires from England.
Received blank used dash panel from Ebay.

September 17, 2023 (25 pictures)

September 16, 2023 (22 pictures)

Delivery by Bill's Auto Works - 216.832.8694 cell no texts. (12 pictures)