1971 Honda Z600 Coupe Pictures

Working on and Driving

October 4, 2023 (24 pictures)
Tightened right front wheel hub second time.
Mike told me to use air hammer on it.
Looks like that fixed crunching noise.
Wheels roll nice and smooth so I do not suspect CV joint bearings now.
Received front disk pads, carb accelerator pump diaphram and steering column bushings from Mike O'Conner.
Received steering rack rebuild from California.
Received clutch rebuild parts from Mike O'Conner, North Carolina.
Received 4 tires from England.
Received blank used dash panel from Ebay.

September 16, 2023 (24 pictures)

Need to change oil whenever filters get here.
9/21/23 Changed oil & filter.
installed new rear shocks.

Find out why fuse panel doesn't have 12v and fixit.
9/21/23 Straightened out wiring under dash.
Unfortionatly, cigarette lighter got pushed in and stuck.
Melted dash, ordered used dash, received it.

Find out why radio doesn't turn on and fixit
9/21/23 Found radio wouldn't turn on.
Tech suport at factory said it would cost more to fix it than buy a new one.
Did it.

Mileage today 36321 - it might just be the real mileage.

Tighten seat back and make it be more upright.
9/21/23 Tightened bolts where seat attaches to body but
Seat needs to not lean back so much.
Drilled new hole in seat for bolt in left side.
It is better now.

Fix oil leak- license plates are on

Apparently new battery July 2023

Clean inside of engine compartment

Data plates all are correct and readable.

These pictures were on Lane Motor Museum website when the car was for sale.
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