1950 MG TD Rebuild Project

Before and After Rebuild - - - -July 5 2001 to June 2003
More 'before' shots at the bottom of the page.

12/16/07 Here is my Uncle Carl's MG-TD in Corona California.
He was a member of the area SCCA an wrote a regular column in the chapter newsletter.
I remember a ride to took with him over 50 years ago.
I wish I could take him for a ride in my TD.

11/26/04      This is a picture of my Uncle Carl Dunlavy and his MG TD taken in the mid 50's.
I think this may have been taken at Riverside in California.
If you knew him or have any photos of SCCA events during that era, please email or call me.

Way out of order, but just came on these shots.

9/5/06      We are now getting ready to go somewhere.
Finishing wipers...

8/05      Morris returned gauge. Looks and works fine now. Yes, I recommend his company.

Also, I removed the inside spring in the oil bypass to reduce oil pressure.
It now reads about 40 psi when started cold at high idle.
After driving it about 100 miles, I like the range the oil pressure is in cold and hot. Details later.

7/20/05      Talked to Morris and he is going to recal gauge, put a new glass in and straighten face plate - almost no cost.
Seems to a Good Guy - stay tuned.

7/8/05      Installed new oil/temp combo gauge. Very dissappointed because read 95 lbs cold.
Checked and found was off 15 lbs at high side. Pulled it out and UPS'ed it to repair shop that did the work.
Will withhold name of shop until I get it back to then give thumbs up or down.
Have driven the car 200-300 miles testing. Downshifting still a problem as it shudders - I hope not oil on clutch.

4/29/05      New Suicide door locks are installed and work fantastic!
Also speedometer gearbox in and seems to work well.
Polished scratches out of hood and that looks like new.
Hope to get pix up here soon. Model S is all consuming and weather is still cold!

11/17/04      Received the speedometer speed reduction gearbox - looks nice.
1 to 1.363 (A.C.I.Engineering - 269.327.1991 $55)
Got safety locks from Speedway Motors (Suicide Door Safety Latch #910-52865) - check back to see how they install.
There is a buzzer with them to warn if the doors are not safety locked.

Had to look up the paint color data for a TD'er, so here it is.
PPG Omni-AU MBC2379B - Volkswagon Chianti Red and PPG Omni-AU MC-161 Clear (cut to flow with acetone).
If you use it, Please send me an email with some pictures and let me know how you like it.
It took several weeks to cool off before I could make this entry. Driver's door flew open enroute Cedar Rapids.
It broke the front side curtain mounting stud, ripped the door stop out of the wood and of course, dented the door and fender. Almost no damage to paint.

9/30/04 Brian O'Connor has been a great help furnishing not only parts but good advice.
O'Conner Classics website is  O'Connor Classics --- I highly recommend them!

Installed Crane XR700 Electronic Ignition. Already had Lucas Sport Coil. System seems to work well.

9/24/04 Installation of new 5 speed Transmission.
It was purchased from Skyhook Engineering (Steve Neal 207-729-4489)
The installation was very easy and instructions covered every detail.

Position of old Neutral

Position of old second

Position of old First

Steve does some of his best work on his back

Alignment strings to make sure everything is straight

Exhaust pipe mount (above) and Oxy sensor and Vacu-pan connection (below)

8/20/04 Ready for the Minnesota MG Group on Saturday

The small print at the bottom of the sign says "Gotcha"!

Thanks to John Sedgwick, I have a good MG Logo for the shop

3/23/04 Engine in back in the car and put 2 miles on it.

Here is the photo from the 2003 GOF in Wisconsin.

1/4/04 Project Car parts arrived from the desert.
2/22/04 Picked up Engine from Gordy Terpstra @ Hard Seat Service.
Will re-install engine when some parts arrive from O'Connor's in Calif.
Correct side curtain frame arrived - will install after it gets above 40 degrees so I don't have to heat shop.
12/28/03 Engine pulled after oil pressure dropped to zero. Couldn't find any obvious problem. Dip stick had oil on the bottom of it. Was demonstrating good brakes when failure happened. Number 3 and 4 rod bearings deposited babbitt on crank. Engine sent to Gordy in Minneapolis. His report is crank is OK - must replace rod bearings and center cam bearing. Rods will have be resized and balanced again.

Ongoing Can't seem to make side curtains fit. MOSS Technical Experts tell me that I probably have top mounted wrong.
They tell me to check the Schach Restoration Manual. Actually, that is what I used to do all the upholstery.
The side curtain kit had two left rear frames - one two bow and one three bow. Three bow has been returned after many Emails.

Other News Classic Restorations went out of the mail order business - suddenly. Didn't receive my 2003 rebate yet.

07/28/03 Returned safely from the Wisconsin GoF.
Car now has brake cylinders pulled and sent in for sleeving - I didn't think they would leak as bad as they did!

06/27/03 Progress

05/23/03 Progress

05/22/03 Progress

05/06/03 All Body panels finish primed - Will start RED today. Only Exterior will be Base Coat/Clear Coat - The rest will be Acrlyic Enamel.
Plan to use Stone Guard White on underside of fenders in tire sling area. The walls, ceiling and lights of the Paint Room were washed.
New sticky air filter attached over air inlet.

05/05/03 Gas Tank holes soft soldered and run on turntable with Kano ExRust 6 times - Finished this evening and flushed with water. Dried with hair dryer and fan. Turntable was rebuilt after trying BarBeQue motor (didn't have enough power and speed). Now Maytag motor drives mini-tiller worm gear section. Lowell VanHorn's genius was again demonstrated with this project!

04/20/03 Sent Generator - Starter - Regulator to Alternator Service in Mpls - picked it up 04/29/03.

Finished Dashboard & test fit

Body filler going everywhere!!

Automatic Gas Tank Cleaner fabricated - Seems to work well.

04/15/03 Steve took the "Z" out of radiator. Finally got front end so hood would close properly.
Quit counting hours and forgot the target date I was working towards.

New Headlights look like they will work without modifying

Floorboard & parcel floor are cut new. Installed side-curtain storage area and seat belts.

Front & rear splash shields are made to fit.

04/01/03 Test fit fenders and straightened headlight brackets

Driver's side headlight mount was twisted in every known axis. Now looks much better.

Another shock came when I tried to put running boards on. Someone, "bobtailed" the front fenders. I can't beleive I didnot notice this before.

03/14/03 - Frame on Decorah Auto Body's Frame machine - Pulled left frame rail forward almost an inch - This machine is connected to a PC and tells you where you are in three axis to a millimeter.

03/09/03 - Picked engine from Gordy's shop in Minneapolis. Oil pump is primed and valves ready to go.
02/22/03 - Picked up tub from Steve's Shop - The tub is straight, no extra holes, self-etch primed & sanding primered.

02/16/03 - Connected 1/2" drill to pilot shaft of tranny - ran in high for about 5 minutes - found front of diffy warm.
Will have to keep an eye on that when I get engine in and test running before driving.

02/14/03 - Cleaned parts - sandblasted more than 50 items. Took radiator to shop - found brackets at bottom were rusted off - don't plan to put back on - will put a 3/16 rubber strip between bottom tank and bottom bracket.

Got to figure out the best way to remove dents from inside side curtain box.

01/31/03 - Transmission cleaned, flushed, power washed, flushed and run in solvent, checked, tested and
now running in new SAE 80-90 GL-5 oil. Very little wear.
Found number on top of case near front - TF918

Dash center plate stripped. Decided to have Lowell VanHorn make a new dash from Winneshiek County Walnut.

01/14/03 - Tub mounted on rotessrie - start wood repair.

01/12/03 - Rear quarters removed, blasted, self-etch primed, sanding primer.

01/08/03 - Tub returned from media blast - Must replace rear plywood - decided to remove rear quarter panels.

12/27/02 Chassis on wheels - Made the Dec 31 deadline for rolling chassis - not quite - still have to rebuild the steering rack and get brakes adjusted. But not bad considering.

Brakes juiced up and bled - Bev blamed "having to blead brakes" on Christmas supper being 6 minutes late.

12/25/02 Front suspension/brakes done.

Can you see what's wrong with the assembly of parts here? No, not the fact the spindle is not connected - The top connection is reversed...(da)

Parts room sorted/organized after removal of body to be sand/powder blasted.

Rear axles installed, diffy oil installed, ready to assemble rear brake parts.

Engine found to have .040 pistons after getting #3 & #4 unstuck. Also #4 had rod to wristpin bolt loose, causing pin to scrape cylinder wall - looks like it wasn't too bad - .020 or so. Engine sent to Mpls for rework.

Final check out for twist and alignment on the frame. Nov 30, 2002

Striping the engine ready to deliver to the Engine Shop.

Getting the body ready to be sand blasted & soda powder blasted.
Nov 30, 2002

Old style oil pump and filter.

Springs after SlipPlate painting - ready to be reassembled, November 16, 2002

"Let's see, I thought I would remember how these went back together!"

All parts were stored in labeled containers.

Starting the total disassembly - Dec 2, 2001

These pictures were taken the first day I saw the car. They were used to evaluate whether or not to buy the car.
I'll stick with my decision.....(but, Gosh, it looks like a big job!)

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