Ford Quadricycle

The Project

This project began in 2010 when I found a couple of fellows wanting to build a Reproduction of a Ford Quadricycle.

There are quite a few folks making "Quadricycle Replicas" - These are cars with modern engines in them. They are used for fun and doing parades.

However, this site is devoted to studying and building the most accurate Quadricycle possible. The only deviaion from Henry Ford's original will be for safety and convenience (ie adding a brake).
Geroge DeAngelis built three reproductions of the first Quadricycle.

He authored several articles about the project and is co-author of a book about Ford's Model A build in the late 1920's.

He was supervisor of the Engineering Illustration Section, Art Department, in Ford Motor Company's Engineering Staff.

In 1963 he pened an article for Popular Science Magazine. You can read the complete article Here.
This is a Quadricycle Reproduction built by Tom Daw over a period of about 40 years.

Fortunately, I knew Tom and had the pleasure of touring with him and Ida, his wife on several Model T tours.

Harry Daw, Tom's son now shows and drives the Quadricycle and lives in Northeast Missouri.

More pictures of Tom's Quadricycle amy be found on Tom Daw Quadricycle

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