18 Foot Enclosed Tilt Trailer

For Sale

This 18 foot enclosed tilt bed trailer is built on a H&H flatbed chassis. I have been using it to haul my antique cars. I sold the cars, so it is for sale. It is light and pulls easy with a 302 cubic-inch powered 1/2 ton truck.

The superstructure is welded aluminum square tubing. The black cover is commercial trucking curtain sider material (PVC coated polyester). The fabric cover was built by a professional fabricator. Openings are secured with commercial Velcro.

The rear rollup access can be opened to allow 90" tall vehicles. You can use the optional cross straps, if desired.

The 3000lb steel cable winch powered by an onboard battery. The battery box is in the front of the trailer. The box also holds the license information.

This is the H&H Tilt bed 7000# chassis. It has leaf springs for each axle.

8 tiedowns will accomnodate over-the-wheel tiedowns.

Four foot tongue - 2 5/16" ball. The bed is lifted by a hydraulic jack mounted to the frame. Turn signal and tail lights are LED. Standard 7 blade power connector. Electric brakes are powered through the connector.

Here is a picture showing the super-structure. The top hoops were furnished by a grain trailer manufacturing company. The welding was done by a friend that works at FeatherLite in Cresco.

This is my 1914 Ford Depot Hack being "test fitted" as we were building the trailer.

This shows the fabric roll-up rear entrance. It shows the Velcro used to secure the flap.

The wheels are 15" rims with 6 bolt pattern. The spare tire is carried inside the trailer. They are fitted with trailer buddy grease covers.

The tires have only a few thousand miles on them. They are ST205/75R15 trailer rated.

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