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Carlton O. Pate III, of Rocky Hill, NJ is a retired banker, professional model builder, model railroader, and collector of antique cars since 1970. With his brother and father, the first car that he purchased was an unrestored 1924 Model T Tudor sedan. Carl, his wife and brother own four antique Ford cars covering the period 1903 to 1924. The cars have been driven on tours and displayed at shows on the east coast and in mid-central states. Carl belongs to the Antique Automobile Club of America, Horseless Carriage Club of America, Model T Ford Club of America, and he is President of the Early Ford Registry. He started the Early Ford Group (early 2-cylinder Ford cars) and he is the administrator of the Horseless Carriage Club of America Century Old Plaque program that honors vehicles that are 100 years old. His antique car focus is on the research, gathering, sharing of early Ford automobile historical information; assisting and promoting communication between owners and those interested in the early Ford cars; and teaching others about the different early Ford cars.

This book is the result of years of collecting, research and work that have resulted in a high appreciation for early Ford cars. Though the Model T is the best know Ford and has been rated as one of the best 100 cars ever made in America, it was the forgotten Ford cars before it that allowed the Ford Motor Company to gain the knowledge and experience to create a "Universal Car" that changed the world.

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