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                                      DESIGNED AND SOLD BETWEEN 1903 AND 1909

There are many books written about the start up, development, history and people that created and ran the Ford Motor Company. What have not been available were the details about the forgotten Model Ford automobiles that started a century line of products that still exists today. There has not been one place where a person can go to get accurate and complete information about early Ford automobiles prior to the Model T (1903 to 1909). Historians and owners have had to look in different places for answers to the many questions about the cars. Some times the answers were not correct, or the information could not be found. This book changes that…

To best tell the story about the evolution of the early forgotten Ford cars, the chapters have been written and organized so that they can be used collectively or individually to learn about the different aspects that affected early Ford cars. From facts and events that guided the leaders of a new industry to the story that the public saw, production, sales and design of the each model was affected. The story is told of how and where the cars were produced, sold, and serviced. The development of the car, accessories used and the different parts played a part in the success and failure of ‘The Ford’ cars. To learn about the cars, you need to be able to identify and recognize each Model. Then you must gain an understanding of the mechanical systems, cooling, electrical, fuel and lubrication, all of which play a part in the running of the car. Changes and developments to the major parts of the cars played their part in the testing and trying of new ideas to make ‘The Ford’ the best.

100 years have past, and some of the survivors have a story to tell. This book tells it all in over 450 pages of text, pictures, charts, tables, graphs and support documents.

Do you want to know where the Model T Ford came from?… This book tells the story about the forgotten Ford cars that help Ford Motor Company gain the support, knowledge and experience that was needed to create a ‘Universal Car’ that changed the world and every day life.

Since the book was designed to be a research book for early Ford cars and because of the amount of support information gathered, an appendix collection of information was placed on a DVD which contains folders with over 2,500 files of digital images giving historical information and pictures of many different items (Articles, Catalogues, Charts, Diagrams, Database, Letters, Manuals, Parts Lists, Patents, Pictures, Reports and Videos). The DVD is attached to this back inside cover of this book.

The release of this book was 100 years after the introduction of the first Model T in October 1908.

Carlton O. Pate  

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